Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hello all,

I am a Sissy Maid Cuckold. What does that mean? I am a sissy because when I met my wife some almost 30 years ago she had come from a bad marriage where her husband cheated on her. She was NOT going to have anymore of it and knew that sissification would prevent a husband from straying. Thus began her journey to feminize me into a subservient sissy. It started with panties and then a bra, It ended with being totally encased in feminine clothing. On our honeymoon i spent two weeks with no male clothing!

Right after we were married i was taken to a ladies clothing store with all feminine undergarments a condition that I would be faithful under my outer ware. Suddenly placed in a position where i was to try on several dresses taking of my pants, shirt and shoes to do so in front of a store clerk who was there to assist in the right fit. After trying on several dresses, skirt and blouse combinations my new wife whispered to the clerk who grabbed up my pants, shirt and shoes and left. When she returned they were not with her.

I was made to leave the store in a dress and flats. No wig, no make up and looking like a boy in a dress. I got lots of looks in the block walk to the car and was totally humiliated. Madam told me I had a choice. She said i did not have to wear a wig or makeup if i did not want but i had to wear a dress either way because she had only packed feminine clothing and the only male clothing I had was now gone. Yes, I begged her to let me wear makeup and a wig. She smiled at me and patted me on the leg and said, "your a smart little girl aren't you?" When I did not answer right away she asked me again only louder and sterner, I got it and said, "Yes, I am a smart little girl". I felt so strange, so vulnerable.

Madam then drove to a wig shop and looked at me and asked if i wanted to go and help pick out a wig. I was very scared, i mean shaking scared. She smiled again and said, "No? OK my sweets you may stay in the car and wait for me this time but remember, if you are not a good little girl I will take you with me. She then went into the store. i felt as if thousands of eyes were watching me. I sank as low as I could in the car but still felt like a neon sign was pointing at me.

When we got to our room she allowed me to wear the wig, after I begged her to and allowed me to wear makeup, after I begged her to. She applied both and showed me what to do as she applied it. I was amazed at how different i looked and my face showed it. She commented on it with a smile. More on this as we go...

I am a Maid because i do all of the housework, laundry and cooking. I serve guests dressed as a maid on many occasions and I have worked for others as a maid in uniform. i have worked at two motels (however, not in uniform but fully femme under neath) and several of her friends both male and female and cleaned several of her friends businesses at night. I typically wear a working maids uniform for general maids work and Fancy French Maids uniform and 5 inch heels for formal occasions. More on this latter as well...

And I am a cuckold because Madam has not permitted me sex in a great many years as a man preferring to get it from real men as she puts it. I know some husbands have a hard time with it at least at first but I never did. Of course i have been permitted to look, act and think like a man when she was cuckolding me either so I may have a different mind set than some husbands. i accepted it pretty easy and fast with only a little difficulty at first. madam is very sexually active and i am cuckolded quite frequently, more of this as we go as well...

My training has been based upon feminization, humiliation, age regression, reward/punishment, bondage, repetition influence. It has been extremely effective and unbeatable. I say unbeatable because i knew exactly what Madam was doing to me as she did it to me and there was no power in me to resist. Some may say this is because i craved this treatment but i think its because done properly these types of training cause a male to actually help train himself.

The result has been a sissy maid cuckold who takes pride in being just that, who believes that he is much better of as a sissy maid cuckold than he was as a man. One that believes in the method and reasons for doing and thinks it an honor to have been trained this way.

I live this life style and perform as a sissy maid cuckold on a daily bases. i have been publicly exposed and privately exposed. Madam has trained many other males to be sissies using me as an example or tool or assistant in many cases. This what this blog will be about is the daily life a of a sissy maid cuckold.